Portugália Restauração - Eventos

A memorable voyage around the world of gastronomy with tradition.

Portugália Restauração Group is delighted to present our Experiences with Flavour.

A selection of one-of-a-kind experiences in each of our restaurants, guaranteed to delight you with amazing moments of discovery, relaxation and sharing, with gastronomy as the perfect bond.

To top up your delicious meal, we will be offering unique moments of camaraderie and interaction, ideal for business meetings, networking or simply friendly get-togethers.

Discover and enjoy!

Learn the secrets of the world’s most lauded cuisine and be a part of Segundo Muelle’s Master Class. Hand in hand with our Chef, you will learn how to prepare the most iconic and exquisite dishes of this unique gastronomy.

• Two-dish confection
• Preparation of Peru’s signature cocktail: Pisco Sour
• Tasting: Couvert + dishes prepared in the Master Class + Quinoa Risotto with Lomo Saltado + Trio of Desserts + Water

• Approximate duration: 2h30
• 12 to 20 participants

Come and taste our craft beers in the stunning rooms of the most beautiful and oldest brewery in Portugal, and make it a refreshing and memorable break.

• Tasting of three Craft Beers: Aurea, Profana and Phoenix

• Available from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm
• 12 to 20 participants

In the Cervejaria Ribadouro Seafood Workshop, Lisbon’s most traditional seafood restaurant, you will discover the art of selecting, preparing and cooking the best seafood, with utmost care for their flavour and freshness.
An unmissable experience, where our Seafood Master will share with you his long-acquired knowledge and all the secrets of his refined technique. And conclude the Workshop with a delicious meal.

• Selecting, Preparing and Cooking Seafood, with the Seafood Master
• Menu: Prawns, Crab, Oysters, Goose Neck Barnacles, Clams, Tiger Shrimp, accompanied by Quinta do Azevedo (Vinho Verde)

• Approximate duration: 2h30
• Maximum of 20 participants

We booked our sunset for you. The use of the terrace will be reserved exclusively for your event, shared only with our DJ. Come enjoy some delicious snacks in our company. Be part of this experience at Portugália Cervejaria Cais do Sodré or Belém.

• Sunset over the Tagus River in the Cais do Sodré or Belém terrace, to the sounds of an exclusive DJ
• Menu: Savoury snack, Sirloin steak sandwich and Drink

• Available from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
• Minimum 40 participants

Any meal in the Cervejaria Portugália is always a memorable experience. But participating in a Dinner Party where having fun is the motto, will make the occasion truly remarkable.
Especially when all participants come together in a “web” of surprising and entertaining challenges, in a fun and contagious get-together.

• Entertainment, Socializing and abundant Laughs
• Menu: Bread, Butter, Croquette, Steak with Portugália Sauce, Flan Pudding, Coffee and Drink

• Approximate duration: 2h30
• Exclusive use of the 1st Floor
• Maximum of 50 participants

Portugália Almirante Reis has always been the choice destination for artists to wind-down at night. Among them Amália Rodrigues, who loved the Steak with Portugália Sauce. Fado nights are a tribute to our fado singers, to Portuguese culture and to our history. So join us and be part of this unique heritage. Spend the night immersed in this most inspired and moving Portuguese tradition.

• Fado Dinner
• Menu: Bread, Butter, Medium-size Shrimp, Steak with Portugália Sauce or Baked Cod, Chocolate Mousse, Coffee and Beverages

• Approximate duration: 2h30
• Exclusive use of the 1st Floor
• Minimum of 35 participants